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1. Visit to Yanardag (Burning Mountain).
2. Excursion to Ethnographic museum in the open area in Gala village, one of the ancient settlements (3 thousand years) in Absheron peninsular.
3. Excursion to the Fire Temple, situated in Surakhani, the suburb of Baku. From ancient times this place was famous with its eternal fires.

Note: it is possible to arrange lunch in the national restaurant Atashgah in Surakhani.

Duration: 4 hours



1. Meeting at the Governor Garden. First Casino (Summer Club) in Azerbaijan.
2. Walk in Istiglaliyyat (Independence) Street where the most beautiful buildings were built during the 1st Oil Boom.
3. Stop at the mansion of Murtuza Mukhtarov, oil baron. In Soviet times this building functioned as the Palace of Happiness, where couples were married.
4. Walking in the downtown and Fountain Square.
5. Stop at Tagiyev’s – another oil baron – mansion (Museum of History of Azerbaijan).
6. First cinema in Baku (1916).
7. End of excursion at Maiden Tower.

Walking tour. Duration: 3 hours



1. Visit of Carpet factory in Baku. Excursion and introduction into the process of making carpets: from coloring wool threads to the process of weaving proper.
2. Promenade along the boulevard and excursion in the Carpet Museum (one of the largest carpet collections in the world).
3. Excursion in the central part of Icheri Sheher (Old Town), going to carpet shops situated there.

Duration: 4 hours



1. Panoramic view of Baku and the Bay.
2. Excursion in Icheri Sheher (the Old Town): familiarity with the medieval oriental architecture, visit of Shirvan-shakhs’ Palace (XIVc.).
3. Promenade in the downtown and seeing the best examples of Baku architecture of the XIX-XX c.c.
4. Drive to the Fire Temple (XVIII c.) situated in Surakhani, a suburb of Baku.

Duration: 4 hours



Trip to Khizi, one of the most beautiful parts of Azerbaijan.
1. Walking tour on slopes of flaky mountains. These different layers on the surface of the mountains make a special color landscape.
2. Visit of Mikail Mushfig’s (poet) house-museum.
3. Drive to Alti-Agaj Nature Reserve and observation of a small zoo, where wild animals have rehabilitation period.
4. Return to Baku.

Distance: 120 km. Duration: 10 hours



1. Promenade in the Government Park (first green area in Baku).
2. Observation of the Philharmonic Hall, which during the 1st Oil Boom functioned as Summer Club.
3. Excursion in the old City, which includes the Shirvan Shakhs’ Palace (15c.) and the Maiden Tower (12c.).
4. Observation of architectural landmarks of the end of 19th and beginning of 20th c. (the 1st Oil Boom in Baku).

Walking Tour. Duration: 3 hours



Jews belonging to different ethnic groups, such as Ashkenazi, Mountain and Georgian Jews, lived on the territory of Azerbaijan during the recent several centuries. In the 19th century the majority of Jews living in Azerbaijan were Mountain Jews, while in the 20th c. the number of Ashkenazi Jews prevailed.
1. Visit of Mountain Jews’ Synagogue in Baku.
2. Visit of Ashkenazi synagogue in Baku.
3. Trip to Guba, one of Northern regions of Azerbaijan. Excursion in Krasnaya Sloboda, a Jewish settlement of 18th c., which got a name of the Caucasian Jerusalem. Visit to Shesh-Gambori Synagogue and the local Jewish cemetery.
4. Drive to Gachresh Forest to see the panoramic view of the Great Caucasus.
5. Return to Baku.

Duration:12 hours. Distance from Baku: 165 km



1. Observation of Baku panoramic view and Flame Towers.
2. Drive to Flag Square and Crystal Concert Hall.
3. Excursion at Modern Carpet Museum and Mugam Center.
4. Driving by Port Baku Complex.
5. Visit of Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center (architect Zaha Hadid).

Duration: 3 hours



Gobustan, or the Land of Canyons, is located on the coast of the Caspian Sea, 65 km to the south from Baku. It is a museum in the open air included in the List of Historical Monuments Protected by UNESCO. There are more than 6 thousand rock pictures dated back to the period lasting from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages.
1. Drive from Baku to Gobustan and excursion in the Museum of Rock Pictures in the open air.
2. On the way back stop by Bibi-Heybat Mosque. This place was also famous for the first oil well drilled at this area in 1847. In 1997 James Bonds’ adventures in Azerbaijan were also shot here (The Whole World Is Not Enough).
3. Stop at Flag Square.
Note: It is possible to continue the tour (for additional COST) by driving to mud volcanoes (in dry weather). We can also stop for a lunch in a local restaurant on the sea coast.

Duration: 4 hours



1. Trip to Guba-town, which is the center of Guba region situated in the North of Azerbaijan. A short stopen-route for making pictures at the foot of Besh-barmag mountain. On the top of this mountain there is an ancient pir (a sanctuary) visited by numerous pilgrimages even now.
2. Upon arrival at Guba region visit of Krasnaya sloboda, a Jewish village established in the XIIIVc., including visit of the local synagogue and the cemetery.
3. Driving to the town of Guba, excursion and visit of the Mosque and the carpet factory.
4. Visit of Gachresh Forest and observation of the Great Caucasus.
5. Return to Baku.

Duration:10 hours. Distance from Baku: 165 km



5* hotel with cottages, family villas is located on а territory of Nabran resort zone.
This unique locality includes a coastal area of the Caspian Sea and old-growth forest to please any tourist and his personal choices.
You’ll have unforgettable experience and true relaxation ahead of you at River Inn Resort ".
You have relaxation and procedures at our SPA-Center to recover strength and energy. If you follow healthy living, our cooks are pleased to offer a special menu " healthy food " resolution facial.
Also, you can swim in an open pool; soak up the sun;
visit a Turkish bath or sauna.
Then you can go to Hotel’s own beach, take walk in the forest under the chant of birds, go down to the river, fish and crab in the air.
At guests and your children’s disposal is the entertainment center; 24-hour cinema theater, bowling, billiard, electronic games.
Our team of animators will add charm to your rest, integrate
children and adults in sporting events and relay-races.
As for kids of our Hotel, we offer mother-and-children rooms under nurse’s care. Entrusting the child to nurse’s care, you may get hammered at out lounge-bar.


• Transfer •Hotel check-in
• Wine testing
• Hotel breakfast.
• Guide services
• Excursions
• Museum entrance ticket.

Day 1

Arrival in Baku. Reception at the airport. Transfer to Baku. 
A short auto-excursion & quot; Fires of Baku & quot; Visiting main streets and avenues of the city. 
Walking on the National Park (Boulevard).
Welcome dinner at the restaurant of traditional Azerbaijani cuisine with national music (at the request).
Transfer to the hotel. Hotel accommodation .

Day 2

Trip to «Old City».
Pedestrian excursion through «Old City». Visiting the Maiden’ Tower (12 century), Juma Mosque (12 century), Caravanserais (14-15 centuries).
Excursion to «Palace of Shirvanshahs» (15 century). 
Excursion to the Baku plant. Insight into the local wine production of different grapes. 
Wine testing.
Local restaurant dinner with ethnic foods (at the request).
Return to hotel.

Day 3

Hotel breakfast.
Trip to the Burning Mountain (Yanardag). A gas emission place in a Baku suburb.
Excursion to Ateshgah, a temple of fire worshippers (17 century)
Journey to a wine tour in Masazyr. You’ll see the Masazyr salt lake treated to properties of the salt Dead Sea. Arrival at a winery. Guests may become familiar with local ancient wine production methods.
Production familiarization will be accompanied by wine testing.  
Hotel transfer. Night in hotel.

Day 4

Hotel breakfast
Trip to the «Gobustan State Historical-Artistic Reserve».
Gobustan Museum is located at a site of the ancients with extant petroglyphs and article of daily life.
Gyanja. Trip to Gyanja. Sightseeing excursion: Survey of the museum of medieval Azerbaijani poet Nizami Gyanjevi.
Next, pedestrian excursion, visit to the Church of Alexander Nevski, Church of Aguan, Mosque of Shah Abbas, Mausoleum of Javad Khan Gyanjinskiy.
Dinner at local restaurant (по запросу)
Hotel check-in. Night lodging

Day 5

Hotel breakfast.
Trip to the winery «Gey-Gey» in Gyanja.
Together with getting acquainted with local wine production, you can taste wines made of local grapes.
Next, departure from Gyanja towards Tovuz winery. 
Tasting of local wines. 
Return to Gyanja. Dinner at local restaurant (at the request).
Hotel lodging.

Day 6

Hotel breakfast
Return to Baku.
On way to Baku, visit to Qabala. Visit to a local piano “Beltman” plant.
Visit to a winery in Qabala where a local wine Savalan. Wines tasting. 
Continuation of journey to Ismailly. Visit to a village of Ivanovka.Villagers are Molokans, Russian colonists resettled in Azerbaijan by Catherine II . Visit to the winery.
Journey to Baku via Muganly Pass (camera mounting at picturesque sceneries of the Caucasian Ridge). Visiting a mausoleum of Yeddi Gezal (7 beauties) in Shamakha.
Arrival in Baku.
Dinner at restaurant (at the request)
Hotel check-in. Night lodging.

Day 7

Breakfast in hotel 
Transfer to airport. Departure from Baku.


«Qalaalty health-resort» is a new, unique from architectural style and recreational format standpoint resort complex located in a settlement of Shabran, 120 km from Baku. The health-resort is a pride of diagnostic and treatment center of the resort complex Qalaalty, a medical center where the latest technologies of national balneotherapy and physiotherapy are effectively coupled with the best world medical achievements. You can go through medical screening and have the best care here. At guests’ disposal are free Wi-Fi and free private parking. Commands a beautiful view of the sea.

Medical center’ diagnostics:
biochemical blood test;
general blood test;
blood test for sugar;
common urine examination;
examination of general secretions;
parasitological research;
bacterial inoculation for disbacteriosis;
Fed-test to identify susceptibility to food products and chemical substances. 

Hotel rooms are equipped with flat-screen TV-sets and satellite channels.
Some rooms have sitting areas to get away from it all. Guests can have a cup of tea and feast their eyes on mountain landscape, swimming pool, etc.
At guests’ disposal is a bathroom equipped with bathrobe, shower shoes and complimentary toiletries.
Superior rooms have their own Jacuzzi tubs or sauna.
At guests’ disposal is a round-the-clock front desk, ATM, hairdresser’s and gift shop.
You can play tennis on a territory of spa-hotel. 
Medicinal water “Qalaalty” offers unique natural complex of organic substances which makes it a single medicinal water that won the recognition of urologists across the world.
Water Qalaalty is used to cure urolithic disease in different forms.
It is original by its composition and physiological effect on human organism.
Owing to its low mineralization
(up to 0,78 g/l) and rich content of organic substances (8,35-23,8 mg/l), the water encourages withdrawal of finely stones and sand out of kidneys, gall bladders, urine- and bile-excreting ways; decreases lithogenicity
(propensity for gallstones formation) of urine and bile, removes stone formation, normalizes  metabolism and exerts alkalinizing effect on blood and urine, decreases formation of
uric acid, has it out of organism, reduces acidity of gastric juice, minimizes penetrance of cellular membrane, decreases hemophilia, exerts anti-inflammatory effect, raises
diuresis, evacuates liquid excesses out of organism. Immunological effect helps revitalizing body defenses,
liquidates inflammatory responses in organs and tissues, eliminates metabolism and toxic products and thus prevents organism’s senilism.

It offers a unique natural complex of organic substances making it world’s single medicinal water that won the recognition of urologists from many countries.


Salt caves of Duzdag are located in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic at the height of 1173 m above sea level.
Patients with diseases of respiratory system are under medical treatment in the said caves.
Note that the Physiotherapeutic Center is located 2 km from the hotel.

The clinic is made of overground and underground parts. The overground part is situated in Duzdag, hotel Duzdag. The underground part is situated under the mountain, at a depth of
300 m of mountain workshop of salt mines.
The clinic under «Duzdag» hotel consists of 5 galleries with 47 wards and 128 beds; there is a cafeteria, TV-salon, a library.
Hotel «Duzdag» treatment center, category 5* provides treatment under the care of medical personnel.
In daytime you can take rest in amenities, ease stress and fatigue at the Aquapark, open and closed swimming pools,
basketball and football fields, tennis courts and health and fitness centers

Speleotherapy information

Patients with rheumatic polyarthritis had first ever been treated in solutional caves with microclimate being in calcium ions, as well as in stalactite and stalagmite mines. Starting with mid-20 century, rise in the number of highly allergic patients worldwide began bothering physicians.
Long search discovered that
Diseases of this sort are cured in salt mines.
These mines are operative in Germany, Hungary, Belarus and Ukraine. There are salt mines with predominant sodium chlorine ions.
The mines have been active since 1968 in the Polish town of Krakow
(Velichko mine); Ukrainian settlement of Solotvino, Uzhgorod since 1979.

Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic  (a distance from a town of Nakhchivan to the Physiotherapeutic Center is
9,8 km; from the Center to the mine 2,4 km.). Mine compartments are active at the height of
1173 m  above the sea level; at a distance of 12,2 km from a town of Nakhchivan in two main mountain workshops of a salt
Salt pit, 300 m away from the entrance at a depth of 110 m, in 9 main processed strata.

Below cited is the microclimate in the underground compartment of mines:
Altitude above the sea level – 1173 m
Temperature   – 18-20
Atmospheric pressure  – 740 mm of mercury.
Relative humidity – 24-50 %
Air speed – 0,1 m/s
Highly dispersion ions  Na+, Cl -: in the absence of patients –  17,5 mg/m 3; in the presence of patients - 12,5 mg/m3.
Oxygens – 20%
Noise level – 15-20 Db
There are no carbon monoxide, methane and nitric gas.
There are no hemolytic micrococcus and mycelial fungi.
Bacterial number is 650-850 m3 (microbial number in air above earth surface is down 8-10 times).
Underground compartment consists of 9 main processed layers: 2 – for men; 3 – for women; 1 – for children; 2 – bathrooms and 1 – rest hall. Length of the layers – 30-40 m, width – 8-10 m, height – 3,5 m.

Applying to medical institutions, patients are adapted for 3-4-days at the underground compartment. Then patients are under medical treatment from 1800 (1900) to 800 (900) hours with the help of speleotherapy made of 16-20 sessions; children – 10-15 sessions. The terms may vary depending upon heaviness of sickness and period of speleotherapy. Together with stay in the mine, patients are treated with medical preparations, physiotherapeutic procedures, medical-physical culture and body massage therapy. Medical preparations are prescribed as few as possible. If a patient takes hormonal preparations, it is essential то reduce them gradually.

As distinct from other salt mines, advantages of the therapeutic agents of the Nakhchivan Physiotherapy Center «Duzdag» lie in the fact that mines are located horizontally. Before patients descend into the underground compartment, they are exposed to adaptation. Besides, a mine’s ventilation is natural; microbes are at the low level, allergens are absent.

Note that patients from various regions of our Republic and from abroad apply to the Nakhchivan Physiotherapy Center «Duzdag».
The longstanding professional experience reveals that 80-86% of senior age group patients with bronchial asthma of light, medium and high heaviness and 96-98% of children gained in health.

The treatment is provided when a patient has no attack or is remitted. Patients taking meditation in the mine have health-promoting effect on
3-5 days of treatment. Thus, expectorations are reduced; no asphyxia is observed.
Heaviness of attacks is reduced, dry and wet rhonchus in lungs.
Patients are recommended to take treatments once or twice a year (provided a consistent treatment within 3 years).

Speleotherapy is an effective method of non-specific treatment of bronchial-pulmonic apparatus. Account has also to be taken of speleotherapy indication and contraindications.


Health-resort Naphthalan  is world’s famous, biologically unique medical center.
It is famous for unprecedented, curative naphthalene oil of the resort.
Health-resort& quot; Naphthalan  & quot is located 330 km away from Baku, a capital of Azerbaijan, on a deposit of the unique curative naphthalene oil, a town of Naphthalan  in an ecologically pure region on a territory of a
Pine park, on the bank of a man-made lake
The history of naphthalan goes back to 1873 when naphthalan  was extracted by hand out of shallow holes
& quot. Thick blood of earth & quot. is a name of naphthalan. More than 100 years passed since naphthalan’s research and use.
Its effectiveness in treating various diseases found endorsement in
1600 scientific works and monographs, including 270 dissertations.

Specialized resort Naphthalan  began operating since 1926 to receive patients from all over the USSR with supporting motor apparatus diseases; neurological, skin, gynecological and urological diseases.
Today Naphthalan  is engaged in curing above 70 diseases with the help of medicinal naphthalan  baths through the use of updated methods in terms of maximum comfort.

Highly qualified, experienced and well-disposed team of doctors is doing its best to attain a principal objective –
здоровья Человека.

Naphthalan treatment is an effective therapy of above
70 diseases, including musculoskeletal and nervous system, skin, vascular, andrological and gynecological diseases.
It is unique curative properties of naphthalan that make it possible to treat inflammatory processes, reduce pain, improve blood circulation and metabolic processes.
At present, naphthalan treatment is carried out by means of the latest methods, including deresined naphthalan,
naphthalan fractions and hydrocarbons in conjunction with infrared and ultraviolet irradiation.

Note that the health resort Naphthalan provides up-to-date treatment with the help of naphthalan baths (immersion, sitting and chamber)
and naphthalan anointments with subsequent heating by means of sun-wave lamps.

Used for baths are:
native (natural) naphthalan; deresined (refined) naphthalan for anointment.
naphthalan does not stimulate mucous membrane, so it is successfully used on skin directly and as tampons and bathtubs, as well as for throat, gum and nose unction,
ultraphonophoresis in the form of oily inhalation.

Naphthalan treatment
Treatment duration is approx. 20 days, including 10-15 baths with mandatory breaks
under expert surveillance.
Naphthalan baths last for 8 - 10 minutes. A patient is placed in a bath filled with naphthalan oil at a temperature of
37 - 38° С. Oil penetrates into blood via pores and then back together with exudation. Exudation includes harmful substances harmful for human organism. After that a patient washes oil out by shower and goes to bed, for withdrawal of oil together with harmful substances goes on after baths.

Naphthalan unction is made on a specific part of body depending upon a disease. A part of body is
anointed with warmed and heated by a sun-wave lamp at a distance of 75 - 100 cm for
10 - 20 minutes. Treatment regimen is 15 - 20 procedures.

1 Day
Reception at airport
Transfer to a town of Naphthalan  (4,5 hours journey)
Hotel check-in.
Spare time.
2 Day – 10 Day
Treatment and rest

11 Day
Hotel breakfast
Trip to Baku
Dinner in restaurant Обед в ресторане в Старом Городе
Tour of the city
Highlight tour by bus in Baku
Transfer to hotel
Night lodging
12 day
Transfer to airport