Having allocated on the southern mountain slopes of the Big Caucasus, surrounded with forests and mountains, drowning in greens, the Ismayilli district is one of the most beautiful areas of Azerbaijan. Relief - par excellence is a mountain. The highest spot of the district - Babadag Mountain (3629 m). square of forests comprises 66799 hectares. Nature of the region - mountain rivers, forest massive, rock, natural and artificial lakes, waterfalls, abundant animal and foliage world make a good impression on each man having been stayed here. Among nine climatic zones being existed in Azerbaijan, three of them are presented in the Ismayilli district. The climate in plain is hot and moderate, in mountains - cold. mid temperature of January - 0,5 C. mid temperature of July +23 C. mid quantity of precipitation - 584 mm.
Alongside the territory of the area, there are rivers of Girdiman, Ag-okh, and Goychay running thereon. There are waterfalls available: in Galajig village, at a height of 25 m; in Burovdal village at a height of 50 m; in Mudrusa village at a height of 25m. by natural pearls of the area are three natural lakes, allocated not far from each other in height of 3400-3500 m, beneath of Babadag Mountain, and two artificial lakes beside Kurdmashi and Ashigbairamli villages. Those lakes present good possibilities for fishing amateurs.


If you are ever touring in Shamakhi, do not miss a visit to a historical-architectural landmark in its surroundings – village Lagich built in the 5th century B.C. on the canyon of the river Girdimanchai (Upper Caucasus).
The village is small but very picturesque. The territory is recognized as a cultural reserve and is considered a popular touristic destination of the Great Silk Road.
Lagich has preserved its trade and craft center up to now. You can meet there unique hand-made items from copper, adorned with carving in the form of oriental ornaments, knitted and weaved goods, wood and leather ware, souvenir knives and many other.

History of the craft village

There is no exact data of the origin of the Lagich settlement and the chronicle of this place is based on the legend. According to one of them, Persian shah Kai Khosrow killed a respectable ruler of one of the cities in the struggle for power. It caused the indignation of the masses. In order to save own life, he fled the country. The shah found shelter in the mountains not far from the current place of Lagich where he spent the rest of his life. The village was formed by his servants and their families from the tribe lagich, who settled near the shelter of their master. Gradually, the settlement expanded and turned into artisans’ center.
It was already then, hundred years ago, when copper became the main material of Lagich craftsmen. Local dwellers learned to melt it in their motherland, in Iran. In the new place, artisans developed their skills and established trade connections. Craftsmen workshops with melting stoves appeared on the territory of the village and the fame of beautiful and unique copper pieces spread around.
Big caravans from Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Persia, and Dagestan started to pass across Lagich. Merchants would deliver food, copper, fabric to the village and would take back cold steel, souvenirs and other copper household items with themselves.
The village developed and improved. Streets were slabbed, two and three-storey houses were built. People learned to do sewerage and water-pipe channels.
As soon as Lagich received the status of the cultural object, its population started to grow. Azerbaijani village did not lose its colorful historical look. Wandering streets, one might hear the rumble of ancient workshops coming from somewhere.
Copper, leather, and carpet crafts are still flourishing, with only one difference that main merchants today are tourists. Moreover, local goods are supplied to many foreign shops too.
The little town is decorated with paved squares, accurate houses, and hand-made crafts shops full of interesting pieces created by the Lagichians. People here are kind and friendly, and the air is literally filled with the atmosphere of calm, coziness, and unlimited talent of the locals.


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